• Just cause you're my ------ doesn't mean you're not a Dip Shit gift bag

    Fill in the blank just because you're my ------- doesn't mean you're not a Dip Shit!

    Make someone smile.  We all need to laugh more in life. One of our more popular bags.  Great gift for the hard to buy person and something they will use.  So easy to make. They're perfect for anyone.

    Comes with 7 assorted flavors of our dip mixes in the gift bag. You can choose the flavors if you'd like or we will put a nice variety in the bag.  We have over 30 different flavors. If you would like to choose your own see the flavors listed below.  You can also choose the color if you would like.  If no comments are filled in we will choose for you.

    These special combinations of seasonings create awesome gourmet dips by just adding mayonnaise and sour cream. But you can do so much more: What a delicious spread for sandwiches, subs, pita pockets, wraps, hamburgers, chicken, brats and tacos.  A scrumptious potato topper!  Stir into eggs, potato, chicken or tuna salad.  Want More...Use as a dry spice to create gourmet entrees: sprinkle on meat, fish, eggs, pasta, rice, casseroles, soups, salads, potatoes, and vegetables.  Fantastic bread, rolls and crescents:  Mix with butter, oil or add to the bread machine!  More yet?  Add with cream cheese for great cracker spreads and cheese balls.  Thin dip with milk or butter milk for a great salad dressing. The possibilities are endless!

    Seafood, Savory, Spicy & Sweet Dip Mixes choices:

    Fruit Dip Flavors: 

    Caramel Apple Delight, Strawberry Delight, Cran-Raspberry Delight, Chocolate Lovers Delight,Raspberry Cream, Lemon Berry Delight, Creamy Banana Delight, Blueberry-Pineapple Delight, Orange-Honey-Cran Delight, PB&J, Mango Delight and and Pumpkin delight.

    Savory Blends:

    Kiss-N-Tell Garlic, Cheese’e’head Bacon,  Lemonhead Dill, Sweet Garlic Basil, Sundried Tomato, Pop-Eye Spinach, Horsey Tomato Rad, Buttered Bacon, Smok'N Joe, and Veg-ta-bowl Garden.

    Spicy Blends: 

     Dynamite Habanero,  Cheese-e-head Habanero,  Crybaby Jalapeno,  Cherrry Bomb, Kick'n Chipotle,  Dancing Salsa,  Cheese'e'head Pepper Jack,  Cran-pomegranate -Hot, Cherry Bomb and Cha Cha Cajun.

    Seafood Blends: 

     Hawaiian Shrimp, Cranky Crab and Monster Lobster

    With so many  different Dip Mixes your sure to find something they will enjoy. 

    Scoop it up, Spread it on, Dip it in 

    For the SWEET dip just blend the dry dip mix with cream cheese and cool whip according to package directions.  How SWEET is that!

    These seasonings are not only great as a dip but they are excellent for creating appetizers and gourmet food. Our customers have described our spices as the BEST they have ever tried. These special combinations of seasonings can make your meal go from plain to gourmet and it's so simple.

    Use cream cheese to make a great cracker or bagel spread.  Stir into pasta salads to give it that extra great taste.  Spread them on wraps, pita, pockets and subs.  Let the imagination go wild, what ever you can spread them on, stir them in, sprinkle them on it will just give it that gourmet flavor. 

    Included with every order is a sheet of recipes for making their meals gourmet .

    Recipe for the dip comes on back side of each package.

    Spice Packages are .6 oz (18g) and make 1 cup.

    Fruit Dip packages are 1.1 oz (32g) and make approximately 1 1/2 cups of dip. To make a pie you will need 2 pkgs.  a fun thing to do is multi layer the pies with 2 different favors.

    All Natural, No MSG & *No Sugar, *fruit dip and the ones with cranberries have sugar.  We use high quality spices to make all our dips